• Yoga

    You have everything you need to practice yoga.
    Take responsibility for your yoga practice and make it “yours” by adapting the poses to suit your body.
    Be grateful for all that you have.

    Make the freewill decision to be the best you that you can be.

  • Torah

    Torah, Judaism’s most important text, is a deep and meaningful book that is applicable to all cultures and all times. Torah is the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, and known as the Five Books of Moses.

    Each book of Torah consists of weekly parshas.

  • Parsha and Yoga

    Why Together?
    Our mind, our body and our soul are one. Our life goal is to be the best “one” that we can be using all of our qualities. We elevate the body to holiness by improving our character traits.

    We need to protect and care for our body so that we can learn and develop to our highest abilities.

Mind, Body and Soul

Linda Hoffman