Jul. 15, 2019


Balak - Man on a Mission

Bilam and the donkey are traveling when the donkey veers off the path after seeing an angel. Bilam, all wrapped up in his mission of hate, had tunnel vision and could not see the angel.


Bilam hits the donkey. The donkey presses into a wall and injures Bilam’s leg. Bilam hits the donkey again and yet again. The donkey turns to Bilam and says, “What have I done to you that you struck me these three times?” Bilam gets into a conversation with the donkey. Bilam is so caught up in the mission and his anger that he loses all reason. When one is angry, judgment is lost. He is talking to the donkey and doesn’t even notice how strange this is.


Yoga—Donkey - Yes, there is a donkey pose.

Start in tabletop pose.

Go to downward dog.

Bend your knees and arms a bit.

Bring your right leg into your chest, breathe in.

Kick out and back with right leg, breathe out.

Change so that your left leg does the kicking.