Jun. 26, 2019


Shelach - As you see yourself


“Send forth men if you please and let them spy out Canaan, one from each tribe and each one a leader.”


The spies responded to the intelligence gathering questions by saying that it was indeed a land of milk and honey. BUT: and we know what “but” does. But says forget about everything I said before; this is what I’m saying now. BUT, the people are giants. They are more powerful than us. We were like grasshoppers.


What does that mean? We are nothings. We are like the grasshopper that crawls on the ground. What right do we have to go there? Why did the spies have no faith in themselves?


How We See Ourselves

Think about yourself and when you are feeling good about yourself. You feel like you have the ability to manage life. You can go through things and find the right channels. You won’t know all the answers, nevertheless, you feel confident that you will find the way.


When we are down, we let the negative feelings permeate our entire understanding of life. We don’t even have the confidence to make dinner. Suddenly everything looks bad. Everybody else is wonderful and I’m a nothing. This is a terrible disservice to ourselves.


Yoga—Strongest warrior

Great for balance and strength.

Stand tall with arms raised up.

Bend forward at the waist.

Your arms are now straight out and forward.

Get your balance.

Raise the right leg.

Hold and breathe.

Bring right leg down.

Raise up to standing tall with arms up.

Bend forward at the waist.

Your arms are straight out and forward.

Regain your balance.

Raise the left leg.

Hold and breathe.

Bring left leg down.

Raise up to standing tall with arms up.

Lower arms.