Jun. 17, 2019


Beha'alosecha -Blow your own horn



Beha'alosecha - Make a Trumpet for Yourself

This command is not like making the menorah which was passed down for generations. You make a trumpet for yourself. Our vernacular is “Blow your own horn.”

A trumpet sound is the shofar. It is a piercing, soul-wrenching sound. It is a sound that you remember, a sound that becomes embedded in you. The shofar sound keys into the soul and the spirit. It is a personal call to God. We each make our own trumpet. I hear my trumpet with my interpretation. That trumpet is only for me. I must blow my own horn. I learn what the sages teach; then I reflect upon my feelings and understandings of God and not those of anyone else. 


When in the middle of a yoga pose, stay focused and don’t think about the shopping list or fidgeting and readjusting our clothing. We practice mastery over the physical for the benefit of the mind. We are growing and learning in our yoga practice and in our Torah study.



In a standing position, bend your knees.

Put the right leg over the left knee, as if you are crossing your legs.

Your right foot is resting on the left calf.

You can hold your arms straight out.

A more challenging arm position is crossing your arms, left over right, try to touch palms.

Lower your crossed arms to the chest.

Bend slightly from the knees.

Your back will arch a little.

Now do the other leg.