Jun. 12, 2019


Nasso - Special Each Time


 Same Prayer is Special Each Time

We repeat the same prayer each day. We say the same words. Shabbos prayers differ. Nevertheless, each prayer is special and we say it with the fervor of new words on our tongue.Sometimes we seem to understand a particular section in our prayers better one day than on other days. We emphasize those parts of the prayer more fully. Maybe our budget is a little tight and we need just a few more sales to make it through the month. The section of the Shemoneh prayer on our livelihood is suddenly more to the point.I do the same yoga practice every day. I try to do yoga five times a week. I have my yoga routine on my iPad as a twenty-five-minute audio. I start the same, proceed just as I did the day before, I put the same attention into the positions as the day before. I know that tomorrow I will give my yoga practice the same care.I recognize that some days I have more energy and my yoga reflects this added energy. Other days, I'm a bit lethargic and the twenty-five minutes seem to take an hour.You are reading this and maybe something you do each day comes to mind. Next time, give it a bit of conscious thought. You may surprise yourself and have a new insight.