Jun. 3, 2019


Bamidbar -


See the Outcome

This is a good lesson for all of us. We each have to find the proper balance of our effort  and our trust. At what point do we put in more effort and at what point do we trust that God will make sure that the best thing for us will occur? I pray with my own words and ask God to show me the correct action, to give me the wisdom to see the proper action. This is especially pertinent to me right now as I am trying to find the proper measure of effort to expend on a problem and to put the rest in God's hands.

The Talmud in Tractate Tamid says, “Who is wise? He who sees the likely outcome of events.” Seeing the outcome gives you an inkling into how much effort you need to exert to make something happen. Maybe what you are seeking is not so good for you. Maybe it is just perfect. Either way, you are getting insight into the amount of effort required.


Yoga—Body placement, triangle pose

In this pose we are paying attention to individual parts of our bodies and concentrating on the positioning of our legs, arms, and hips. The total pose is a bending and stretching exercise. We shall flow from standing through the triangle formation. This is the process from single body part, to combination of body sections, to total body movement. See the outcome as the body transitions from standing to triangle pose.


Stand with legs mat-width apart.

Hold arms wide out at shoulder height.

Get good balance and keep legs straight.

Pivot on your left heel so the left foot is sideways.

Right foot is forward.

Swing hip to the right, reach left arm as far to the left.

Bend down to the left foot, left arm down, right arm up, look at right arm.

Change sides.