May. 20, 2019

Behar and Bechukotal

Behar and Bechukotal - No Coincidence


Behar and Bechukotal - No Coincidence

If we are casual in our religious observance, God will be casual with us. If we think that incidents happen haphazardly or are a coincidence, God will withdraw and leave us to our own devices.

Look back over the past several years and the events in your own life. See how the pieces have come together. Doesn’t it seem as though a master conductor choreographed everything? Ask yourself, if you hadn’t (for example) moved to a new city, would you have had certain experiences? What did you learn from those events? Have you grown? Could it all have been by chance? Would you want a life determined by the throw of the dice


To get the most benefit from our yoga practice, we need to apply our personal discipline and be consistent in our exercise program. Being casual doesn’t work, not in yoga and not in our observances.


It is good to do yoga at a bare minimum two times a week.

Find a practice that incorporates total body movement.

Your goal is to improve your flexibility and mobility.

If you work regularly on your yoga, you will see improvement in your posture, your outlook, your attention span, and you will be able to move about more freely.

I wish I could tell you that you will lose weight, but yoga is not an exercise for weight reduction.

For that, add a short daily walk to your practice and reduce food intake.

Eat more vegetables and fruit and don’t take up crash diets.

Steady and consistent!