Apr. 29, 2019

Acharei & Kedoshim

Acharei & Kedoshim - Atonement

parsha for the next two weeks

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Atonement is not only a confession, it is a commitment we make with ourselves, with the other person and with God that we will not do this act again. If we know that we will commit the same act again, atonement is not appropriate. If we drove on Shabbos and we know that next week we will drive again, atoning for driving on Shabbos is not suitable.


If I apologize to you for gossiping, but I can’t wait to run to talk about you to someone else, it is not a valid apology. If I knew that as soon as I was out of your sight I would be talking about you again, what kind of apology is that? You would not accept my apology nor would it be sincere.