Apr. 1, 2019

Tazria and Metzora


Back bend



We spend our lives enhancing ourselves so that we can be fully actualized. If we are not patient, we strive for patience; but we do not want to be so laid-back that we become a slug. We aim for a midpoint and balance. We want to be able, with discernment, to be patient when needed and proactive when needed. The Rambam said that one way to work on ourselves and come to balance is to force ourselves to the other extreme. This may be very much out of character. Think of it as a way to grow towards the midpoint and to balanced and appropriate responses to situations.


How can we go from no patience to the midpoint? We can add relaxing activities to our day. Take a yoga class, get a massage, take off half a day and read a fun book. Make it happen. Do it, even if, while reading a novel, we find that we are telling ourselves that we must do the hall closet TODAY—NOW.


Yoga—Positive and negative, back bend and forward bend

A back bend is counterbalanced with a forward bend.


Raise your arms over your head.

Stand up straight, feet together.

Bend backwards trying to look at the ceiling.


Straighten up and bend forward from the waist.

Move slowly.