Mar. 25, 2019


Shemini - mindfulness

Pause and reflect


God told Moses and Moses told Aaron that one should not enter the sanctuary after drinking wine.

Were the people all drunkards that they had to be told not to drink before entering the sanctuary?

God needs to be experienced in this world without impaired senses, with a clear head, with mindfulness. We embrace this physical world and make it holy without mind-altering substances. We can’t take the secular and make it holy if our mind is impaired by drink or drugs because we can’t see things as they are. Our job is to distinguish between the pure and impure, and we can’t do that if we are drunk.

Yoga—Get ready for yoga

Before your yoga practice, you need to get ready to do yoga.
You have to get quiet, to calm your body and mind.
Relax. You have no place else to go.

If I have to be someplace in 45 minutes, I can’t do a 30-minute yoga practice.
I do not have the proper mindset.

It is the same with Torah learning and prayer.
Preparation time is needed to be open and receptive.
Before you begin, take some moments to sit, relax, breathe deeply and clear your mind.