Mar. 18, 2019


Tzav - bad thoughts

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This parsha describes offerings which atone for improper thoughts. These offerings are burnt and go up in smoke.

What is a thought? We can’t touch it, it is like smoke. We have a thought and it can be so fleeting, it is here, it is gone; like smoke, we can’t capture it. We are making this offering and sending it up in smoke and we get no benefit from the offering. It is not perfumed to smell better. It is just burnt up into smoke and ash.

How can our thought be a sin? It’s in our head. No one is affected by it. If we don’t act on it, nothing happened, right? “Do not stray after your thoughts, and after your eyes...” (Bamidbar/Numbers 15:39). According to Rashi, the eyes see, and the heart desires. If something becomes acceptable in our mind, how easy it is to proceed to acceptable in deed. We protect ourselves and monitor our thoughts. We can stop a negative thought and turn our mind to something more positive.

Yoga—Deep breathing

We will practice deep breathing to rid us of toxins in our system. Deep, slow breaths rid our system of carbon dioxide and bring lots of fresh oxygen to our brain, our muscles and our blood cells. We can’t see these toxins, just as we can’t see our sinful thoughts.

Toxins are removed by deep exhales from your mouth.

Breathe deeply by inhaling through your nose, to the count of five.

Exhale, through your mouth, to the count of six.

At the top of each inhale, hold for a bit before you exhale.

At the bottom of each exhale, hold for a bit before you inhale.

There is a separation between the inhale and exhale.

Exhaling from the mouth and you feel you are emptying your lungs.

Don’t be afraid to make noise while breathing. You will feel a vibration.