Mar. 12, 2019


Vayikra - Offerings

Pigeon pose

Intent of Offerings

Before Vayikra there were offerings to Hashem. Adam, Cain and Abel made offerings. Cain said to Abel, “Let’s make an offering to Hashem.” Cain brought flax and Abel brought a sheep. Hashem looked with favor at Abel’s offering and not at Cain’s. Why did this happen? It wasn’t because of the quality of the offering but because of the meaning behind it: the thought, the devotion and the understanding. It is not just the physical act but it is the intent, the meaningfulness, the heartfelt understanding of the situation and our part in it. We come out better than we were before because we learned about our actions and took steps to improve ourselves.


Yoga—Pigeon pose

This pigeon is not a sacrifice, but it is going to take some effort.


Start in the downward dog.

Lift your right leg.

Bring right knee to right hand, underneath you.

Lower your body down to floor.

Your left leg is straight back.

Look up with chest out (pigeon with large chest).

Lower to ground with forehead on floor.

Release and the upper part of you rises with chest out.

Twist and look over right shoulder.

Reverse legs and do the other side.