Feb. 19, 2019

Ki Sisa

Ki Sisa - trust

Practice patience

Moses went up Mount Sinai to get the tablets with the Ten Commandments. He said that he would return on the fortieth day. By the people’s count, the fortieth day had come and gone and Moses had not come back. This made the people very nervous. They were wondering what they would do if Moses did not come back. If Moses did not return, they would need a replacement. Otherwise they would have to speak to God directly, and they were afraid to do that.

What happened with the people? Why did the people not trust that Moses would return? They were impatient, not calm, not serene, and not silent.


Patience is such an important characteristic. Lack of patience makes us nervous and a bit irrational. Yoga gives us several positions that teach us to be more patient. The key is to tell yourself that you have no place else to be but where you are now. We get edgy and we become uncomfortable. Maimonides tells us to change a habit, take it to the other extreme so that we eventually come to a midpoint, a place of balance.