Feb. 12, 2019


Tetzaveh - Proper Attire

Garments of the Kohanim

Very specific and exact details for each garment that is worn by the Kohen Gadol, the high priest, are given. These instructions are to be followed with no variations. The garments of each Kohen Gadol must be a perfect fit. The garments would not be appropriate if the shoulders were in wrong spot, the sleeves too short, or the pants too long. A perfectly tailored garment creates a look and sense of being that is well-received. When the Kohen Gadol appears with garments that are well put together, he generates honor and respect.


I started doing yoga over 30 years ago. I was self-employed and had a flexible schedule so I would drop in to a neighborhood yoga studio and take classes. I especially liked the hatha yoga classes and would sometimes take a restorative yoga class. I tried them all, even Pilates, but found that hatha yoga really suited me. I liked the positions, the movement and the breathing. It was like a ballet only you stayed in the position longer.

I really got into yoga and decided that I need cool yoga clothes. My loose Lands' End tee shirt and pants looked weird next to all the other students. Bright colors, tight fitting and cut out sections, that's what I needed for a good yoga workout. The yoga studio was a commercial venture and so open to the public.

Over the years, I found myself coming back to my Jewish family traditions. I had a problem! Those bright colored, tight fitting, cut out yoga outfits were an embarrassment. I began to do yoga at home. I knew enough from all the classes I attended, so I was able to create a yoga workout that resembled what I did in the studio. I found internet downloads with audio yoga workouts and many were for hatha yoga practice. I created a little spot in the bedroom and made it my "yoga studio". Now I could do yoga whenever I wanted, private class for me alone, much cheaper and I could go back to Lands' End loosy, comfy cottons.

For the past many years, I have been a member of my own private yoga studio. I have two locations; the bedroom and the living room. I do the same yoga routine each day I exercise and have not tired of the program. It is a basic hatha yoga twenty minute flow and works on all body areas. Wonderful for flexibility, muscle strength and balance.