Feb. 6, 2019


Terumah- Feel close to God

This parsha is about building the mishkan (the traveling tabernacle) and its utensils. God says we are to make for Him a sanctuary so that He may dwell among us. Since God has no physical presence, is He subject to the boundaries of the mishkan? What is God saying when He says that He will dwell among us?

Perhaps when God said, “I dwell among you,” it means that God resides in us. As we sanctify ourselves and our actions and put holiness into the secular, these are examples of God residing in us.

Yoga—A special place to do yoga

I can’t just flop down on the floor and do yoga. I need a set place and a set time with a level of quiet, an open view, and enough space so that I don’t feel crowded. I can’t have anything from outside coming into my space. Even an open closet door would make it difficult for me to do yoga. It would seem as though all the stuff in the closet was invading my space.

I am creating an environment, making a place where I can meet my yoga goals, not just doing the positions.

Perhaps this is what the mishkan represented: a place where God met us. When we left the mishkan we were filled with a sense of awe and gratefulness.

After my yoga practice I leave my yoga space with a sense of peace and mindfulness.