Jan. 22, 2019


Yisro - Listening is not only hearing

Yisro, the father of Moses’ wife, was a Midonite priest. Like everyone else, he heard about the splitting of the seas and the war with Amalek. Based upon these things, he—and he alone—decided to join the Israelites. He did not just hear the message, he listened to the message. The difference between hearing and listening is the comprehension and the internalizing of the message. When we say the Shema, we say “Hear Israel.” The word shema means not just hearing with our ears, it means understanding and internalizing the message and making it ours. This means to actively listen to the message and take it to the next level. Yisro was able to do this while the rest of the population just heard the words but did not listen.

Yoga—Tree pose, scales of justice

Yisro suggested that Moses appoint judges and develop a system of courts. The scales of justice are balanced with mercy. Let’s do a balance pose for our yoga portion.

Tree pose

Put your weight on your right foot.
Lift your left foot to your ankle, shin, or upper thigh, not your knee.
Your arms are branches of the tree and may be up.
Hold your arms out with your palms up.
Justice is in one hand.
Mercy in the other.
Your hands on a straight line with each other.
Scales are balanced.
Justice and mercy balanced.