Jan. 15, 2019


Bishalach - How Do You Handle Problems

Basic Seated Pose
Palms Up

The parsha Bishalach, opens with Moses and all the Jews who left Egypt with him at the banks of the  Red Sea. The Egyptians are bearing down on them. What is their response?

Four Courses of Action
Group One says, “Let’s just jump in the water and die.”
Group Two says, “Let’s do battle with the Egyptians.”
Group Three says, “Let’s go back to Egypt.”
The fourth group says, “Let’s yell and scream and carry on and make a lot of confusion.”

Major Lessons
When we have a problem, what do we do? How do we handle a difficulty? Do we make a lot of noise and scream and yell; go back to our prior position; make a huge fight; or give up and say, “Crawl all over me, I’m just a doormat anyway?”

Patience and the finesse of knowing when to act and when to let it be are our lessons for this week. Yoga gives you the skills to step away and process information.

Symptoms of impatience
Feeling like you are not getting enough air.
Muscles tightening up.
Nervous body motions.
Belly tightening.
Quick actions.
Knee-jerk reactions.

Yoga helps to increase patience
Relaxes your body.
Emotions are calmed.
Breathe deeply.
Slow your breath down.
Slow your mind down.
Slow your body down.

Yoga Pose - Basic Seated
Sit on your mat.
Cross your legs.
Palms on your knees.
Breathe in and out slowly.
Sit here long enough until you are just itching to get up.