Jan. 1, 2019


Vaeira - Basic Job of a Person

When God spoke to Moses and Aaron, sometimes He said Moses and Aaron and sometimes He said Aaron and Moses. This tells us that both brothers were equal. Each had to do the tasks they were given using their God-given attributes. Anyone who fully uses his talents is a great person. We are not measured by how many things we accumulate, how much money we have, how many vacations we go on or how many parties we attend. We are measured by the percentage of our God-given talents that we have taken advantage of, those we have developed and from which we have grown the most. Our basic job in this world is to improve our characteristics, traits and skills and not leave any potential undeveloped.

Yoga—Shoulder stand and plow

I have a very hard pose so that we can aim to realize our potential in our yoga practice. It is a shoulder stand and plow pose.

Shoulder stand
Start by lying on your back with your legs up the wall.
Your rear is at the right angle of the wall and the floor. Your legs are straight up.
Put your hands under your rear and walk your feet up the wall.
You are supporting yourself on your shoulders.
Your legs are straight up in the air.


Now fold and lower your legs towards your head.
Keep your legs straight.
Your arms are palms down on the ground