Jul. 22, 2019


Camel pose for forty years of schlepping around the desert. 

Leadership Training

Moses has already found out that he will not be allowed to go into Israel. He will die before the Jews enter Israel. He needs a successor. Torah is very descriptive of Moses’ leadership role and how to appoint and train a successor. It is brilliant in understanding people and leadership.

Appoint your successor before you die (retire or take another job).

Have a plan of succession.

Train your successor in all the things for which he is responsible.

Train him not just in rules and regulations. Train him in demeanor and the way to deal with people.

Make sure that the people know that he is the chosen successor so that they willingly accept him.


We have been schlepping around the desert for forty years and haven’t seen a camel.

I feel bad that we have not yet done the camel pose.



Starts on your knees, hip width apart.

Your hands are on your back hips, fingers pointing downward.

Your palms are over your kidneys.

Lean back as far as you can.

If you can hold your heels, go ahead.

Practice along the edge of the bed or a sofa for security.