Jul. 29, 2019

Mattos and Masei

The tribes of  Gad and Reuben request to stay on this side of Jordan River and not go into Israel.


But what are they doing? They are on the edge of the Jordan River. They have been wandering for forty years. Across the river is Israel and yet they decide, before even going into Israel, “Let's stay here.” They knew that the land of Israel was for them, that it was good land. Why were they so impatient? Why make a premature decision without even seeing if the land of Israel could accommodate their cattle? After all these years of going towards settling in Israel, it seems preposterous that they are right in front of the goal, and they back off.


Fear of the Unknown

Do we do this? Fear of change. Fear of the unknown is paralyzing and sometimes the unknown is success. You see this in business: a company struggles for years to be successful, they are just on the edge of making it big, and they do the stupidest thing—buy the worst inventory, make a dumb investment, change a policy, and avoid success. Self-sabotage. Stopping ourselves before the success. Imagine forty years of working towards something, you and your children and your parents before you. You get to the edge of making it, and stop.



Last week’s camel is loaded and there is no room for us to ride. We have to walk beside it.


Yoga walk

Like walking the dog in downward dog, only we are upright.

Lift heel and keep toes on ground;

First right heel, then left.

Walking in place.

Breathe, long inhales and long exhales.

Loosens the knees and hips.