Aug. 5, 2019



A Book of Loving Rebuke

The book of Devarim represents the last five weeks of Moses’ life. The Jewish people have not entered Israel and are at the banks of the Jordan River. Moses is giving the people guidance, discipline, and constructive criticism.


Most people, when subtly told about the inappropriate things they did, can appreciate the lesson. Honorable people are aware of their actions. They just need a gentle and loving admonition to see their errors and learn from them.


Moses is teaching as a tender and devoted father. We are on the other side of the Jordan and coming to Israel. Look back and see that God took care of you before and will take care of you again.


This is good advice for each of us. Look at where we are today. We have lived through difficulties and learned from our experiences. We have traveled the road of the past till now. We came to this point and we will go forward with the confidence that we will be able to handle the future.


Yoga—Sore feet

After all that walking, and now standing on the other side of Jordan, let’s give our feet a treat.


Take a tennis ball and roll it back and forth on bare feet.

Roll side to side.

Roll up and down.

Press down on heel and press down on ball of feet.



This is a great foot massage.