Aug. 12, 2019


Remember and Safeguard

The Ten Commandments are repeated with lessons of how to follow them. In Exodus it says remember the Sabbath. To remember the Sabbath is to sanctify it, to make it holy, to separate the Sabbath from the rest of the week.


In this parsha, it says “Safeguard the Sabbath day.” Safeguarding is different from remembering. To safeguard is to protect. Protect by not doing certain things. You refrain from work, you refrain from driving, you safeguard to protect and make holy.

Yoga—Protect and enhance

We safeguard

We protect ourselves.

Precautionary measures to take in yoga.

Do only the positions that you are comfortable doing; stretch your practice but don’t do anything outside your comfort zone. I can’t stand on my head and I don’t even try it.

Don’t go as far if it hurts.

Watch your body.

Yoga is not a competitive sport.

Do not race through yoga practice.


We remember

We enhance

Listen to yoga audio and actively try to improve your posture.

Hold a position a little longer.

Breathe more fully and hold a bit at the top and the bottom of your inhales and exhales.