Aug. 19, 2019


I didn’t really understand what fearing God meant until I came across this explanation in the book Living Each Week by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski M.D. 


A loving father tells a child, “Don't go out in the road, you will get hurt. If I see you stepping off the curb to go out in the road, I am going to punish you. I will take away your privileges. I will take away your treats.” The kid then is afraid of the father. Years go by and the now adult child comes to the understanding that the father was afraid that his child would get hurt by a car and so he made threats to get his child’s attention. The father wanted to make sure that his child obeyed. Dad wanted to be sure to implant danger in his child’s mind. The child thinks the fear is of the father because he will bring the punishment. As the child matures, he knows that it is the cars and trucks that create the hazardous event. The father is only trying to protect his child.

Yoga—Chair pose

Just like in life, in yoga we have to work through fear. We fear that our body might not do what we want it to do. We need to see our strengths. Let’s do the chair pose and get past the fear of falling.


Chair pose

Hold your arms straight out.

Feet hip width apart.

Raise arms and bend down and back as if sitting in a chair.

Hold. You won't fall.

Back does arch.

Balance keeps you in place.