Aug. 26, 2019


out of control behavior 

There was a warning that went with the permission to eat meat: do not violate the prohibition of blood. What does this mean? Just because we have permission to eat meat, we cannot eat without restraints.

Someone eating meat with blood dripping conjures up pictures of gluttony. We think of overindulgence with food as greed: no restraints on physical desires.

Out-of-Control Behavior

We see children with out-of-control behavior. They have a temper tantrum, falling down on the ground, kicking and screaming. They want something and have learned negative ways to attract adult attention to get what they want. They need boundaries and it is the responsibility of the adults around the child to provide them.

Adults with out-of-control behavior and mental problems scream and cry and hit and throw things. Not very different from the little child. They name-call and blame others. They intimidate and are cruel. They insist that their viewpoint is the only one that matters. Mature individuals learn self-control and restraint. We censor ourselves and do not hurt others. We postpone gratification and think about the other person.


Our pose for this parsha is the happy baby. You smile just thinking about holding your legs up, your hands holding your ankles (or your feet), and rocking gently side to side. Everything is good. You have everything you need. Put a smile on your face. This is such a fun pose that you will reduce stress by having a good time.