Sep. 2, 2019


Wholehearted Trust

“You shall be wholehearted with Hashem” 18:13. Wholeheartedness means that you know that there is God and trust that all that occurs is because of God and for your ultimate good. You are consistent in your trust in God. At what point does your effort come in to play?

We are talking about normal effort, not herculean acts. Here is an example: After class, I will have dinner. I trust that there will be food for me to eat and that what I have to eat is for my good. I may not afford lamb chops, but I have fruit and vegetables and chopped meat in the refrigerator. Now my effort: I have the ways and means to purchase these items. I had to work to earn money, I had to go to the grocery store to buy my food, and I have to cook it and serve it to me, so that I will have dinner. Normal effort. The food will not walk onto my plate (and if it does, I’m not going to eat it!).


The plank pose is a total body pose.

Being wholehearted is being totally involved.


Start position in tabletop pose.

On the ground, on your hands and knees.

Walk back till your legs are straight back.

Your arms are straight and your toes are on the ground.

This is the full plank on toes.

The half plank is when you are resting on your knees rather than your toes.

This pose will strengthen your muscles.