Sep. 9, 2019

Ki Seitzei

You shall not have two sets of weights. This applies for business and is also a metaphor for us and our values. We should not have two sets of standards. One for me and one for you. We need the same values for all. If I can do it, so can others. The values I have for myself have to be the same values that I have for the other person.

Yoga—Core strength

Our core values are those that guide our behavior with the external world as well as with our close relatives and friends.

We strengthen our core, the central muscles.

Lie down on ground.

Raise your legs straight up and point your toes.

Place your hands palm down on the ground next to you.

Pull your hands towards your upper body without moving them.

This is resistance pulling.

Slowly, lower your legs, using your stomach muscles.

No gritting of teeth or pulling from your neck.

When your feet touch the ground, splay them outward.