Sep. 16, 2019

Ki Savo

This parsha is always read about two weeks before Rosh Hashanah, and because Rosh Hashanah is a time of reflection on our behavior, the parsha’s major theme is that we are responsible for our actions. There is cause and effect.


Yoga—Warnings and benefits

The blessing and the curses are very strong. How do we accept this parsha without being terrified?

Let’s look at what you risk by not exercising.

Then we will look at the positive effects of regular exercise.


What happens if we don’t exercise?


High blood pressure.

Heart disease.

Type 2 diabetes.

Sluggish mentally and physically.

Your muscles will atrophy.

Our bones will lose density and become brittle.

We will be out of breath a lot.

Pretty horrific!


What happens if we do exercise?

More muscle strength.



Good balance.


Improved memory.

Positive force on blood pressure and heart.

Mood improvement.

Pretty great!


Thinking about caring for my health like this provides me with an understanding and ability to deal with the curses without being terrified. It is a way to take fear and turn it into a positive force. Knowing the negatives should not immobilize us, as long as we do something about them.