Sep. 24, 2019

Nitzavim and Vayeilech

We are the average of our five closest associates. Choose well. If we hang around with people who do good things, it makes it easy for us to do good also. If we hang around with people who do bad things, we will eventually do what they do because we are part of that crowd. If we have a friend who speaks and acts in an obnoxious manner and we are with her, what she is and how she appears to others is how we appear as well. We need to protect ourselves and pick our companions wisely.

We can return to where we were before we acted inappropriately. We can clean up our act.

Yoga—Come back to exercise

Since we repent on Yom Kippur, let us look at returning to exercise after an absence of some time. Maybe you had an injury, or you were traveling, or just got away from the routine of exercise.


Come back slowly.

Reduce the amount of time of your practice.

Perhaps do a chair exercise until you build up the strength for more rigorous exercise.

Bend your legs in your standing positions or forward bends.


If you have an injury or you have not done yoga or other exercises for a while, come back gradually so you do not hurt yourself. Be kind to your body. Don’t force and create extra stress. Be sure to talk to your doctor about the type of exercise you want to do and take his advice.


Little by little, you will regain your previous strength and be able to return to your regular exercise routine.