Oct. 22, 2019

Vezos HaBerachah

In shul on the festival of Simchas Torah, this parsha is read and then the Torah is rolled forward to the first parsha.

Vezos HaBerachah is a bracha, a blessing for the twelve tribes. “And this is the blessing of Moses, the Man of God.” This is the first time in all of Torah that Moses is called the Man of God. Moses blesses the Children of Israel according to the tribes, just as Jacob blessed each of his sons. Moses gives a blessing that applies to their characteristics and history, and this is what Jacob did when he blessed his sons on his deathbed. Each son and each tribe has a different blessing dependent upon their individual middos. This is the circular pattern of Torah. The entire Torah circles and repeats. Jacob blessing his sons is repeated in Moses blessing the Children of Israel, his children.

The parsha ends with, “Never again has there arisen in Israel a prophet like Moses, whom Hashem had known face to face.”


We end as we began in basic seated pose.