Oct. 28, 2019


Noah did not encourage others to better behavior or implore them to change their ways. Noah knew better, but he was silent. He did nothing extra. He certainly did not live up to his potential. He did no teaching about moral behavior or about God. He did not beg God for mercy, to save the lives of the people. He remained silent.

Do we do just enough so that there are no complaints? Do we pride ourselves that, compared to the rest of the population, we are pretty good?

We need to live up to God’s declaration after creation: the world was very good. Strive for “very good.” Good enough is the bare minimum. When we are very good we are achieving a high degree of performance, we are extremely proficient, we are exceeding the levels we thought possible. We realize the potential that God has given us.

Yoga–Cobbler position

The cobbler puts together, makes and fixes shoes following the designer’s plans and instructions.

Noah followed God’s instructions and made the Ark.

The cobbler yoga position is restful and comfortable.


Sit on your mat, legs out.

You may want to sit on the edge of a folded blanket.

Bring your feet towards your pelvis.

Soles of the feet together.

Knees down but do not force.

Hold your feet with your hands.

To release, stretch out legs, one at a time.

Great for relaxing stomach.