Nov. 5, 2018


Isaac is identified with gevurah, which is power, strength and discipline. Fighting and resisting so that we can have our own way is weakness. It is an appeal to our physical and egotistical needs. Isaac’s strength is evident in his negotiations with the Philistines. He knows when to speak and when to be quiet. He knows that making arrangements with someone who does not even comprehend the meaning of peace, the topic of negotiation, is futile.

Yoga—Your yoga workout is yours

Just as each of our personalities differ because of heredity and environment, each of our bodies is different. Our body structure makes some yoga positions more natural and easier. It is important that you adapt the yoga pose to your figure. Become more in tune with your body and the way it moves. Your shape may cause you some limitations in the poses and the depth of the poses. No problem. Just alter the pose so that it is more comfortable for your body. Your yoga workout is “yours” and you should make changes to the position so that it is comfortable for your body.