Nov. 12, 2018


God assured Jacob that He will return him to the soil of Israel. Jacob knew his faith and his trust had to be balanced with his hishtadlus (personal effort). We see this in the many years he worked for Lavan. Jacob knew that God was with him regardless of Lavan’s deceit and evil acts. Lavan made agreements and changed them; made promises and ignored them, and was definitely not a person to be trusted. God protected Jacob and gave him the tools to deal with Lavan.

Proper Balance

It is often a major trial for each of us to find proper balance. This has been my greatest personal challenge. I have always been a proactive type of person. It just seems natural to push forward and make something happen.

Over the years, I have learned to have more patience. I have seen how God weaves the events of my life together for the best results. Working hard and taking action is a necessary thing; Hashem wants our efforts. But there is a point where we need to pause and know that our lives depend on Hashem more than anything else.

How did I learn this? By watching things happen and trusting in Hashem. If God was leading me in a particular direction, if things began to fall into place, I knew I was on the right path. In the vernacular we say, “Go with the flow.”

Yoga—Resting pose for pause and peace

Restorative or resting pose is a position of slowing down, pausing and peace.

The resting pose is usually the last pose in a yoga practice. Time to rest and be grateful. Consider your blessings.