Nov. 26, 2018


All I Want is Peace

Is This a Problem?

Jacob was not wanting to lie back, relax and have a piña colada. He had already achieved a level of growth and completeness.

Too much comfort, too much peace and too much security make one complacent, and these become obstacles rather than benefits. Think about a job we had or presently have. At first it was a challenge and we stretched ourselves to do well. We were excited about each day and looked forward to further growth and opportunities to excel. We became proficient and accomplished, and it became easy to keep this level of achievement. It went from easy to boring. Boring became no challenge and no challenge became room for negative activities. We wasted time, we weren’t as careful, we took chances and basically our production suffered. We are programmed to need a challenge, perhaps a little bit of tumult, to keep the thoughts and effort flowing.

Yoga—Child’s pose for all Jacob’s children


All of Jacob’s children built the Jewish Nation and formed the twelve tribes.


Start in tabletop position.

Lean back toward your feet.

Hips are pressing down towards your heels.