Dec. 4, 2018


We pick up the story of Joseph languishing in prison an additional two years because he asked the wine steward twice to remember him to Pharaoh.

“It happened at the end of two years (to the day)” and Joseph was rushed from the dungeon. In the Stone Chumash, “incidents of Divine salvation come hastily and unexpectedly” (p. 224, note 14).

When something is supposed to occur there is no time wasted. A window of opportunity opens and it behooves us to act upon it. We can almost feel the “rush” that propels us along. It seems as if the matter is taken out of our hands.

Pushing too much to make something happen usually does not work in our favor.

Make the effort, do what can be done, and know when it is enough.

Yoga - Standing Plank Pose

When pushing is okay

The traditional plank pose is on the ground and you push yourself up by your arms like a push-up.

This is a gentler plank pose.

We will do our plank pose using the wall.

Stand about twelve to eighteen inches away from the wall.

Put your palms flat on the wall.

Your arms are at shoulder height.

Lean towards the wall so that your head is at the wall.

Your body is at an angle but not bent.

Push your palms into the wall.

Push hard and at the same time bring your body straight.

Your feet have not moved.