Nov. 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Gratitude


Just last night I put on a nightgown that I have not worn for a while. It was nicely ironed and folded. This morning I realized that it was last worn while on a wonderful cruise and had been laundered and ironed by the ship’s staff. I packed it at the end of the trip just as it was folded and I put it away upon my return home.

What gratefulness I felt this morning that I could have had such a marvelous cruise, met so many lovely people, saw so many delightful areas, learned so much history of lands and civilizations far from home. What a delight to experience it all over again by the crisply ironed and folded nightgown.

Enjoy Thanksgiving; the eating, the friendships, the family, the table settings. Be grateful for what you have and thankful today and every day.